To everyone who helped us celebrate our 20th Jerry Jam-iversary- THANK YOU!!!

We at Jerry Jam headquarters are so grateful to everyone who volunteered and everyone who attended this year’s jam.

Thanks for being a part of it!

You can check out tons of great pictures and footage from this year’s festival on facebook and

Lots more on Instagram, too! #jerryjam

We’re working on getting all this great media up on our website. Also working on reordering shirts!  Stay tuned…

Celebrating 20 Years of Keepin’ the Dead ALIVE!!!


This year’s lineup is the most impressive yet- we are THRILLED to welcome back Melvin Seals for an unprecedented 4 night run!!! We have so many great bands on our lineup this year!

Thursday night- Melvin Seals with Cats Under The Stars! (

Friday night-Melvin Seals with The Garcia Project!(

Saturday evening-Melvin Seals with the Jam Beyond Description!

this is a very special custom Jerry Jam band- featuring Melvin Seals (JGB), Jay Lane (Furthur, Primus, RatDog, Golden Gate Wingmen), Kenny Brooks (RatDog), Zach Nugent (Cats Under the Stars), Scott Murawski (Max Creek), Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio Band), and Tony Markellis (Trey Anastasio Band)

Saturday night- Melvin with JGB!!! (

Sunday afternoon- Melvin with Dead Set! (

This year Jerry Jam is moving across the street to the adjacent land-Klay Knoll Farm is another beautiful venue and we are excited to have our 20th Jamiversary here.

Wondering about the move?  One of Jerry Jam’s core values is ecological responsibility.  This means that we give the land a break from the stresses of a festival- 3,000 people walking and camping on the land can take a toll on the soil.  We also don’t want to overwhelm the land owner.  A big thank you to Clint Ash, the owner of Dodge Farm, for his generosity and dedication- the past four Jerry Jams have been at Dodge Farm and they have been unforgettable. Moving on from Dodge Farm is bittersweet- we’re glad this move is just across the street.

51 thoughts on “THANK YOU… FOR A REAL GOOD TIME!!!

  1. As much as I will miss my right hand dog for a few days I think it’s very important that people think of their beloved buddies safety and comfort first and adhere to the rules. He’s more of a Three Dog Night fan anyways (go figure). Can’t wait!


  2. Best LOGO ever. Tear the face right off of your head. Sorry OLD MAN IN THE MOUNTAIN but NH weather is relentless. Be there with close friends that live in VT. Traveling from Montana.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How late can we arrive( for the jam )on Friday night? We have a motor home( I emailed you about last week. )Thank you..


  4. We are first timers coming from CT with kids in tow :) Just checking to see if we get to camp by our vehicle or if we have to truck our stuff to our site?


    • We have a couple different options- there’s wooded camping where you haul your stuff in, and there’s also camping near your car. Also a family camping area where you would camp within a few feet of your vehicle. When you get to the gate, just tell ’em what you’d like!


  5. Pumped for Jerry Jam!! Just wondering if day or one night passes will be available at the gate? And how much are they?


  6. Hi There! I purchased 3 day passes! We are now able to arrive Thursday evening , can we add to our pass for Thursday night at the gate? Thanks!


  7. Two questions… Will there still be river access for swimming as in previous years? Also, we have have family arriving at a later time, can we leave camping space for them? We’ve been able to do that in previous years.


    • Hi Caitlin,
      We do have some river access this year for swimming.
      We have to have our festival goers park as they arrive. You can rope off another tent spot next to your own for people arriving later, but you will most likely not be able to park next to each other.


  8. Hi, this will be my first Jerry Jam! I was considering using my 16ft camper(not much bigger than an open popup) and arriving friday night 6ish and leaving sunday night. Do you have any concerns with this? is there potential for me to be “blocked in” and not be able to leave on sunday night? thank you for your reply.


  9. I bought my kids , who’ll be 18 in a few months tickets for Thursday night, not realizing the rules. My husband and I will arrive Friday afternoon after work to be with them for the rest of the weekend. Can I send them with a written letter saying it’s OK for them to be there? One of them volunteered 2 years ago. As did I. I just wouldn’t want to waste the extra money I spent for the Thursday tickets if they can’t go this night.


  10. I just wanted to let you know what an amazing time I had Thur-Sun. I drove 8 hours to be there. It was my first JJ and probably the best festival experience I have had to date. The location and staff/volunteers could not have been better. Mostly thought it was the vibe of the space which blew my mind. I was sad to leave and am excited for next year. Thank you to everyone who makes this wonderful event possible. (~):-}


  11. thank you who ever had this jam thank you all and thank you my fellow hippys love you all dont forget to always love and be kind to others


  12. First of all, I want to thank you…for a real good time! All of event shirts were sold out in my size by the time I got around to buying one, and heard there will be more made? Is that true? If so, will they be available on this site or somewhere else? Thanks!


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