2016 Dates Announced

Jammers, mark your calendars!

The 21st Jerry Jam will take place July 21-24, 2016 at Klay Knoll Farm in Bath, NH.

Early bird tickets are on sale NOW at ezevent.

Don’t forget to get your RV passes, too! 

We are THRILLED to announce that we will feature RUSTED ROOT and ENTRAIN Thursday night!!!

Don’t forget 2 nights with Melvin Seals & JGB!!! and 2 nights with Pink Talking Fish!!  More details and headliners will be announced soon! 

Can’t wait that long to see Melvin?! You don’t have to! 

Melvin Seals and Cats Under the Stars have a show in Burlington VT at Club Metronome on Thursday, March 10!

Get your tickets here

RSVP here!

Missed out on getting a 2015 T-shirt at the Jam? Now you can buy one here

43 thoughts on “2016 Dates Announced

  1. As much as I will miss my right hand dog for a few days I think it’s very important that people think of their beloved buddies safety and comfort first and adhere to the rules. He’s more of a Three Dog Night fan anyways (go figure). Can’t wait!


  2. Best LOGO ever. Tear the face right off of your head. Sorry OLD MAN IN THE MOUNTAIN but NH weather is relentless. Be there with close friends that live in VT. Traveling from Montana.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We are first timers coming from CT with kids in tow :) Just checking to see if we get to camp by our vehicle or if we have to truck our stuff to our site?


  4. I just wanted to let you know what an amazing time I had Thur-Sun. I drove 8 hours to be there. It was my first JJ and probably the best festival experience I have had to date. The location and staff/volunteers could not have been better. Mostly thought it was the vibe of the space which blew my mind. I was sad to leave and am excited for next year. Thank you to everyone who makes this wonderful event possible. (~):-}


  5. thank you who ever had this jam thank you all and thank you my fellow hippys love you all dont forget to always love and be kind to others


  6. First of all, I want to thank you…for a real good time! All of event shirts were sold out in my size by the time I got around to buying one, and heard there will be more made? Is that true? If so, will they be available on this site or somewhere else? Thanks!


  7. I’m trying to access the volunteer section, and the site says its password protected. Is this still under construction, or am I just doing it wrong? haha. I’d love to help out and be a part of this festival. Never been before, and I’m in need of the magic that I’ve heard happens here. :)


  8. Any idea as to when the volunteer page will be up and running? I’d love to go but I’m pretty broke, volunteering would my equivalent to getting miracled in lol


  9. Hey guys, been on the bus since ’72. Don’t drive looking to share a ride to the jam. Of course splitting expenses generously. We’re all heads man only peace and love involved.


      • I’m up in northern CT, therefore it would be difficult for me to get down to you and back up in time to meet my volunteer specifications. I’m sorry that I can’t help out more, I was hoping you were a little more local to me. If you cannot find someone passing through, please stay in touch and I will make every effort possible to see you at jerry jam :)


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