Volunteers 2017

Volunteer schedule for Jerry Jam 2017 is full. If you would like to be entered on the back up list, please email Jodi at jerryjamvolunteer@gmail.com

Have you ever wondered why Jerry Jam is such a magical place?

Volunteers make it possible! Each year many kind people volunteer their time to help make Jerry Jam the incredible festival it is. We could not do this festival without our volunteers!

To all our volunteers- THANK YOU! We are grateful for you!!

Take a look at our different volunteer departments to see what might be a good fit for you.

All volunteers will be required to arrive at the Jerry Jam Site on Thursday July 20. Meetings will be held for each volunteer area beginning at 6 pm.  Early arrival on Thursday will allow you time to check in and set up your camp site before attending the meetings.

A pot luck meal will be held for everyone who is there. We will supply some of the food (to be announced at a later date).  All food and drink donations for this meal will be accepted and appreciated.

Set Up Crew Volunteer:  (Available PRE-Show and DURING-Show)

  • Assists with various projects around the Jerry Jam Site from setting up work and event areas to helping with the operational and production sides of the festival site. Could require heavy lifting.

Stage Crew: (Available During Show)

  • Assists bands with load in/load out

Jerry Jam HQ: (Available During Show)

  • Scheduled to be at HQ at all times to run (Walmart, food for bands, etc)
  • Available to fill in other areas if needed.
  • Keep Green room tidy

Recycling Volunteer: (Available Pre-show, During Show, and Post show)

  • Sets up cans throughout the site
  • Trash runs at specified times

Gate Keeper: (Available During Show)

  • Oversees main gate volunteers
  • Checks in guest list people
  • Checks in Will Call
  • Deals with “stories”
  • Completes drops and records numbers

Cashier: (Available During Show)

  • Only cashier and gate keeper will operate register
  • Completes all cash transactions

Ticket Takers-Road: (Available During Show)

  • Will stand at entrance and direct drivers in which lane to proceed

Ticket Takers: (Available During Show)

  • Will approach vehicle, collect tickets, or cash,
  • Hand cash to cashier and request the number of wristbands needed for vehicle

Band Gate: (Available During Show)

  • Hands out Band packets to band members
  • Checks wrist bands of all attendees entering

Venue Entrance: (Available During Show)

  • Will stand at venue entrances to the left, right and center of stage to check the wrist bands of people entering the venue
  • A person without a wrist band will be requested to return to the main gate and purchase one

Merch Tent Volunteer: (Available During show)

  • Familiarizes themselves with inventory
  • Helps people with Merch Purchases
  • 1 cashier per shift
  • Keeps area neat

Parking Volunteer: (Available During Show)

  • Works with Parking Coordinator
  • Directs vehicles to designated parking spots
  • Communicates parking availability to Main Gate

Kids Tent Volunteer: (Available During Show)

  • Familiarizes themselves with supplies
  • Familiarizes themselves with the scheduled activities
  • Keeps kids tent organized and neat
  • Leaves kids tent organized and neat for next shift

To purchase a volunteer ticket, please use the PayPal button below.  Once you have paid for your discounted volunteer ticket, click on “return to merchant” and you will be redirected to the volunteer shift signup page. 

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At the bottom of the sign up sheet, there is the ability to enter your t-shirt size. This will help us have the correct amount of shirts for purchase.

Volunteer schedule for Jerry Jam 2017 is full. If you would like to be entered on the back up list, please email Jodi at jerryjamvolunteer@gmail.com

Please contact Jodi with volunteer questions or concerns at jerryjamvolunteer@gmail.com