Dear Jammers,

For many years, we have been able to accommodate early camping and special camping requests.  At our current home at Klay Knoll Farm, we have space constraints that we have not had before.  With last year’s huge turnout, finding room to safely park every car became a challenge.  This year, we find that venue space constraints and the safety of all our attendees necessitate our camping and parking policy:

No Early Camping

The venue opens to the public at 10:00 am on Thursday, July 21st.  The venue closes to the public at 5 pm on Monday, July 25th.

Jerry Jam parking crew will direct you where to park when you arrive.  The parking crew will fill one parking area at a time.  When you arrive, you will need to park where the parking crew directs you to do so.  You will not be able to select the parking area to which you are assigned, with the exceptions of Family Camping and Handicapped Camping.  If you need to be directed to one of these areas, please inform front gate volunteers when you arrive.

Once you have parked your vehicle, you may camp in the camping area closest to your parking space, or you may carry your camping gear to a different camping area. If you wish to camp with others, please arrive together.  There can be no saving of parking spaces. If your camping group arrives before you, you will have to haul your gear to where you are camping. 

Jerry Jam staff will remove any early & unauthorized campsites, with care, to the front gate area, where they will be available to pick up and set up again when you arrive.

We greatly appreciate all the folks who have participated in the past and those that currently volunteer their time and energy to Jerry Jam.  However, we can no longer accommodate individual camping preferences, regardless of your contribution to Jerry Jam, past or present, or your relationship to any member of Jerry Jam staff.

Volunteer Camping opens at 12 pm on Wednesday, July 20th.

We know this new policy will not be pleasing to all our jammers, but please know that your safety is our primary concern.  We need to park cars in an orderly fashion in order to accommodate all our jammers.  Please- respect our parking crew and their instructions.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Working together, we can keep Jerry Jam the wonderful and safe festival that we all love.

At this time, RV passes are SOLD OUT.  Please do not bring your RV if you have not already purchased an RV pass.  We are not able to accommodate additional RVs.

Online ticket sales have ended. Tickets will be for sale at the gate, until the event is full to capacity.  Gate prices will be as follows:

Thursday entry festival pass $150

Friday entry festival pass $130

Saturday entry festival pass $80 (available only if we are not sold out)

For those who purchased a three day ticket and wish to arrive on Thursday, a Thursday add-on ticket can be purchased for $30.